• Culture Caravan is a Gaian Gameworld committed to healing, love & creating a regenerative culture.

    Culture Caravan is committed to creating, inhabiting and navigating bridges from a capitalist patriarchal culture, to a regenerative culture that works with Mother Earth.


    Culture Caravan is high-drama, winning-happening, infinite game, contexted in authentic adulthood healing and initiatory processes and radical responsibility, and provides value to Gaia.


    We use powerful tools, distinctions, maps and processes from Possibility Management.

  • The Awakening of the Nomadic People

    Culture Caravan collaborators value gentle walking on the Earth, nomadically cycling our living locations, providing value for community as nomadic people, community and cultural bridges.


    Culture Caravan Gameworld is spearheading the evolution of human consciousness from the insane idea of "owning land" to "being-with the land", by stepping in the challenges of living nomadically in these great times of transition.

  • Support the Culture Caravan

    We want to continue doing this work, creating a regenerative culture, creating more and more ways to escape the toxic and unsustainable ways of modern culture. We made it very easy and awesome for you to support the Culture Caravan Gameworld.


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  • Organization & Structure

    Participants in the Culture Caravan are Collaborators. Collaborators take Radical Responsibility for the Gameworld to thrive. For the Gameworld to thrive, Gaia needs to thrive.


    Collaborators of the Culture Caravan are: Men & Woman, Artists, Parents, Nomadic Travelers, Journeyman/woman, Shamans, Naturalists, Evolutionaries, Musicians, Permaculturists, Spaceholders, Experimenters, Researchers, Edgeworkers, Earth Guardians, Healers. Culture Caravan Teams.


    Culture Caravan is an evolving organism, given life by the Collaborators that participate in it.

    Culture Caravan doesn't belong to anybody and cannot be owned, rather, it is an energetic field of collaboration, a disipative structure that changes shape with the life given by its Collaborators.


    Culture Caravan is not a hieararchical organization. The prototype power structure is the Torus (a donut shape) made out of Circles within Circles, and Circles on the Circles that are called 'Nodes'. The Circles do not have to be equal in size, or equal in distance from the 'roots'. The Circles are not concentric, for example, where the 'inner circle' takes 'more responsibility' than the 'outer circles'. That would simply be more hierarchy in disguise.


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  • Culture Caravan Stands For...

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    Caravan Family

    Diversity. Movement. Natural Cycles.

    We value the freedom to move, the learning experiences of traveling, the freeing of the spirit when we step into a completely new territory. Our ancestors wandered nomadically in tribes, recognizing the impact of our actions, respecting the cycles of nature of abundance and change, gracing the earth with gentleness and beauty.

    We see the nomadic people of these times, the refugees, the immigrants, the travelers, the wanderers, the hermits, here and out there, finding our place in this great time of great transformation, touching this place and every place with gentleness.
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    From an education-based to initiation-based Culture

    Joining culture caravan is an initiatory process into Elemental Alchemy (Fire, Air, Earth, Water), your Emotions (Anger, Joy, Fear, Sadness), your Archetypes (Earth Guardian, Healer, Gameworld Builder and Intimacy Journeyer/Village Weaver).
    The initiations happen organically as you move from one element to the next. In each element you get to integrate in your 5 Bodies what it feels like to be that element, the emotions connected with that Element. By the end of your 4 transformations you have experienced in your 5 Bodies what each element feels like, how it feels to transition from one to the other, how it feels to be present in your feelings, initiating you as an Elemental Alchemist Experimenter.
    This process can be repeated once every 3 months, to go deeper into your connection with the elements, to play with different people, to integrate new things learned, to practice your stand in the different elements.
    Other initiations available:
    • Verbal reality to Experiential Reality
    • 3-3-3: a short, loud, active practice that expands your Emotional Body's capacity to experience and express Feelings and Emotions, beginning with anger.
    • Trigger Hunter: Vampire Entities Initiation.
    • EHP: Emotional Healing Process.
    • Your Gremlin: The king of your underworld
    • Map of Possibility: Everything is as is, until you make a story.
    • Low Drama: The trinity that reigns the world of the unconscious.
    • First Possition: Be centered, be grounded, be in your personal bubble of space.
    • Sleeping overnight alone in the woods
    • Bow drill friction fire
    Contact us to learn more about these Authentic Adulthood Initiations.
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    Nature Immersion Experience

    Developing meaningful relationship with nature

    We provide a transformative space for clients and spaceholders for connecting in a meaningful way with nature, discovering the nature within and without, primitive skills and the infinite mysteries that nature holds.

    The focus and experience changes from group to group, our spaceholders being role models and learners of connection with nature, serve as a guide for participants to discover and nurture their own connections.
    Learn about Technopenuriaphobia, the fear of the lack of technology. Until you heal it, this fear controls your life.
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    Archearchal Music Spaceholder Training

    For children of all ages

    Music, rhythm, heart beating, feet stomping, hands clapping, humming of voices, something changes instantly in your world when you hear music. Within you exists the potential to tune in and it all goes from there. Choosing Love to guide your musical expression, the obstacles that seem impenetrable for your reason, the sounds tell stories, the changes and frequencies of changes, the pauses.

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    Safety First

    Experiential Learning

    No intelectual idea that can replace first hand experience, experimental 5-bodies learning let's your curiosity lead, your own questions, lead the experience of where you could go next. Experiencing nature from your center, grounding and bubbling, reveals your belonging in this place. Awareness is the name of the game, hazards are everywhere in nature, awareness of hazards develops common sense and safer playing.


    Learn more about Becoming an Experimenter.

  • Values & Currency

    Culture Caravan Gameworld is guided by these Bright Principles:

    Love, Presence, Respect, Teamwork, Discovery, Growth, Connection, Responsibility, Simplicity, Minimalist way of living.


    Some of the non-material values that are commonly traded in the Culture Caravan Gameworld are:

    Creating Possibility, Cause Adventure, Disillusionment, Worktalks, EHP (Emotional Healing Process), Authentic Adulthood Initiations (such as 333 and Trigger Hunter).

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